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Maximize Your Largest Investment... Your Home!

ADUs (Auxiliary Dwelling Unit), Granny Units, In-Law Flats, Secondary Housing Units, or Garage Conversions... Used to be virtually Impossible to build in most R-1 Single Family Neighborhoods. New California Law(s) makes easier and far more affordable than ever.

For most of us our home represents the single biggest investment we’ll ever make. But until we move out and sell that home, all it does is cost money. However, with the changes to CA Laws homeowners now have the “right” to build rentable ADUs (Auxiliary Dwelling Units) in many R1 Districts (Single Family Neighborhoods) throughout California. If your one of the lucky homeowners its like finding buried treasure in your backyard.

Monterey Bay Design Group has the expertise and team to guide you quickly through the design, permit and build process. We'll help you find the real value of your property and take full advantage of it to create a monthly revenue, year after year and added value when you go to sell your home.


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California ADU Applications Skyrocket After Regulatory Reform

In 2016 and 2017, the California state legislature passed a slew of reforms reducing regulations on accessory dwelling units (ADU) such as basement apartments, garage conversions and backyard cottages. The reforms address ADU parking requirements, the permitting process, design requirements, fees and more. The state sees ADUs as a small part of a broad effort to address its housing crisis as demand outpaces housing supply and housing costs rocket ever higher. Full Article here